Important annoucement - Chemistry

Dear 3E2,

See you guys for extra lesson on 5 May (Wed) 2.30pm.

Jia you in your exam preparation!

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Mrs. Yeoh

Networking project - Chemistry

Dear 3E2,

1. Answer any ONE of the three options below.
2. Please be reminded that your blog post is graded, the followings are the guidelines for you:

*Relevance/ accuracy
*Use of multimedia (video/diagram/photo)
*Originality/ creativity

3. Enjoy your online research to answer ONE of the options!

Option 1: Antiperspirant VS Deodorant
If you’re like most people you may be sensitive about the prospect of experiencing body odor. The manufacturer and makers of deodorants and antiperspirants take advantage of this fact by giving you a bewildering array of choices for controlling the ‘not so sweet’ smell of body odor.

What causes body odor? When it comes to deodorants or antiperspirants, which one really works? How do they work? What is/are the active ingredients present in each that help to battle body odor? Which one is safer?

Option 2: Hair rebonding
Hair rebonding gives you silky, super straight hair, the way the girls in hair commercials look, and the way Jennifer Lopez and Faye Wong look, but it can also lee you bald.

In one of the case study, a 14-year-old girl had big clumps of hair falling off in the shower a year after the process. Her hair started breaking 2 months after being rebounded. Then another case when a woman is suing her hairdresser for bald patches on her head after a similar treatment. Her scalp started stinging during the process itself and hair fell off in clumps shortly after.

How hair rebonding works to straighten your hair from your natural curl? What occurs to the structure of hair when rebonding treatment takes place? What happens to the keratin in the hair during rebonding? What is/are the chemical(s) involved to re-structure your hair, to make it straight? Is it harmful?

Option 3: Onions
Why do onions make you cry?What is 'happening' in your eyes? What is/ are the chemical compound(s) that cause you to tear? How can you make onion-dicing less problematic? 

Mrs. Yeoh