Important annoucement - Chemistry

Dear 3E2,

See you guys for extra lesson on 5 May (Wed) 2.30pm.

Jia you in your exam preparation!

Eat well and sleep well too!

Mrs. Yeoh

E-learning Assignment

It seems that the classrooms in Canberra is getting hotter each year!

This might be due to Global Warming! Watch these two short videos that talks about global warming and Green house effect.

Video 1 Global Warming

Video 2 Green House effects (What is it?) 


Answer the following questions in a blogpost, the post should contain a minimum of 350 words and relevant pictures or videos. No wholesale copying!

Q1) From the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy, green house gases are emitted which contributes to Global warming or the Green house effect. From the video, name some of the green house gases emitted by humans.

Q2) How has global warming affect Singapore over the past 20 years? (Search the internet)

Q3) You have just studied heat is transferred in 3 ways, conduction, convection and radiation. And you have some ideas on how to keep the classroom COOL in a hot and sunny day yet cutting down on the energy usage!  * so air-con is out of the option *

-->> Describe in detail 5 modification designs to 3E2 classroom to make it cooler and more eco-friendly! and explain how your design actually works !

Hints : Use some of the more eco-friendly technology in school? students' and teachers' knowledge in energy saving? Color? Reflection? etc

To end the day off, try this very cool game called Electrocity! Post your highest score in the blog too!