Important annoucement - Chemistry

Dear 3E2,

See you guys for extra lesson on 5 May (Wed) 2.30pm.

Jia you in your exam preparation!

Eat well and sleep well too!

Mrs. Yeoh

Thursday, May 6, 2010


when the onion skin is broken, it releases a substance called propanethial sulfoxide, which is similar to sulfuric acid.So the nerve endings in your eyes detects the propanethial sulfoxide and your brain tells your eyes to produce tears to wash it scientist have created an onion without the cell with the  propanethial sulfoxide.It’s still in the development innovative way is to put a small fan beside the onion so that the propanethial sulfoxide will not reach our eyes. another way is to freeze the onion so as to deactivate the cell with the propanethial sulfoxide

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