Important annoucement - Chemistry

Dear 3E2,

See you guys for extra lesson on 5 May (Wed) 2.30pm.

Jia you in your exam preparation!

Eat well and sleep well too!

Mrs. Yeoh

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

haiz...exam over alr...
regretted for not studying well enough...
scared to see the number of subjects failed in my report book.
just came back from ssc and bishan wit shuqing.
went shopping eating and crazys.
planned to go bugis with joanna yuxia and waiching.
but alr went there last few days so sian..
and no mood.
will see them back in sch tmr..
so bye now~
noticed that all my posts are getting shorter and shorter.
post the pics on next time.
tmr is mums' bdae...
maybe going out celebrate
hope my results wont be too bad and can make her happy instead of angry
promise will work hard!

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