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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Danial's physics

Singapore is a country surrounded by seas. Heavy rain is one of the consequences of global warming. The state controlled press tries to skim over it, by saying it is just unusually heavy rain. The truth is , unusually heavy rain will no longer be unusual.  Flooding will become an everyday occurrence.

 It is not because of bad drainage. The canals and drains there are deep and sufficient enough since a long time ago. The government has done everything they can to improve drainage. There is nothing more they can do. The problem is not drainage. It is global warming.
The sea level is rising at an unprecedented rate. When the suns rays hit the surface of the sea, the heat causing sea water temperature to rise. When the rays become hotter with global warming, the hotter the water gets. When water temperature rises, it expands. Simple physics. And when it expands the sea level rises  (video)

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