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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Science(chemistry)-Networking Project

Q1.Why do onions make you cry?Q2.What is 'happening' in your eyes? Q3.What is/ are the chemical compound(s) that cause you to tear?Q4: How can you make onion-dicing less problematic?

A1:According to my research,Our eyes automatically start blinking and producing tears because of the irritants like chemicals such as sulfenic acids which produce a pungent odor which is converted by the LF-synthase enzyme into a gas called syn-propanethial-S-oxide, also known as the Lachrymatory which is also known as a crying factor

A2:Our eyes started to cry as it force / flush the chemicals that are received by our eyes out.

A3:As what i answer in question 1, it contains sulfenic acids, which is converted by the LF-synthase enzyme into a gas called syn-propanethial-S-oxide which is also known as Lachrymatory or crying factor.

A4: According to my research,there are lot of ways to make the onion-dicing less problematic. One way is to put them into the refrigerator to reduce the gas that it releases. Secondly, Cut fast!, and there more, like: put a slice of bread in your mouth, chew a gum while dicing and even dicing the onions with the help of running water.

Here is the link to the video which further improve our understanding about the question:

Done by: Ralph Joshua(34)
Class of 3e2

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