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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hair rebonding

Hair rebonding soften, smoothen and straighten the hair. Most people wants their hair to be rebonded because they want they hair to look shiny and have a smooth like appearance. Keratin in our normal hair contains protein high in sulphur and amino acid cysteine. These chemical substances makes the keratin able to keep our normal hair strong and natural.
During rebonding, cream softener is used to break the hair structure. Then, a neutraliser is used next to straighten the hair again. The chemical use for hair rebonding affect the hair structure and its quality. The normal hair usually has keratin to keep the hair strong, however, when hair rebonding happens, the hair becomes weak tends to cause problems. Such example would be the loss of hair.
Hair rebonding is harmful. Although it gives you the appearance of hair a person would want, however, in reality, it only destroys and damage the hair structure and leads to more problems. If too much chemical is used during hair rebonding, it can damage the hair to the extend that the hair would become dry and or even hair loss.

Rachel - 3E2

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